$20 for FREE Magazines With Reward Survey! #Freebie

Right now, RewardSurvey is offering FREE subscriptions to People, Southern Living, Shape, and more!
Just take a quick survey and you’ll get $20 in rewards credit towards a free magazine subscription!

This magazines selection changes often, so get your favorite while they’re available!

I have been using Reward Survey for years and they never fail to come…. are 100% legit and since you put the address down at the end they are great to gift off to friend or family member for a present or surprise. I just completed a survey and the topic was pasta…. what I like, what stores I shop at, do I like fresh pasta or dry pasta. Pretty simple and easy questions, and it only took about 5 min.


I chose Souther living because these are rare to find FREE and I love all the recipes they have… especially just before the holidays! Let me know what magazine you got!!! It is great to stay in the loop of what they are offering, as they change often!