Six Points to Consider Before Going to a Black Friday Sale #BlackFriday #Amazon

Six Points to Consider Before Going to a Black Friday Sale


Every year when Black Friday sales roll around, shoppers scramble to try to find the best bargains so they know where to put their time. Shoppers know that getting there early is absolutely key to getting the best bargains, so choosing the right place to go first is extremely important. So how does the shopper go about choosing? Here are five points to consider that may help you decide:

Which sale items are going to be the hardest to get?

Many Black Friday sales are a dime a dozen and can be replaced in some form or fashion at several locations. Others might be tough to get in general, but can be found on Cyber Monday. Look through your various gift needs and figure out which ones will be the toughest to get. This can lead you in the right direction for where to put your efforts first thing on Black Friday morning.

How far will I need to travel?

Distance certainly should play a part in determining which Black Friday sale to attend. There is no reason to travel long distances and waste gas just to save a few bucks. Try to find the sales that are going to be located close by for maximum savings.

Can I get it cheaper online?

Many items are already available for amazing prices and sometimes even cheaper than if you waited at the crack of dawn. Check out these key stores for their Black Friday sales compared to Amazon prices.

Target Black Friday with Amazon Comparison
Walmart Black Friday with Amazon Comparison
Kohls Black Friday with Amazon Comparison

Are any big sales located near each other?

Why not pick a black Friday opportunity that is located in a cluster? Sales that are going to be held close to one another should move up your priority list. The more you can accomplish in one place, the better your odds of scoring the deals you are looking for.

Which gift items are the most important to me?

Even more important than the points above, gift priority should be your number one concern. Everyone has that one item that they absolutely have to get for Christmas and only you know what that might be in your home. By all means, attend the black Friday sale that will have the most bang for your Christmas excitement bucks.

Which Black Friday sales are offering the most bargains under one roof?

Finally, consider the volume of actual bargains that each sale is offering. Some stores offer such wonderful bargains that you can shop for the entire family under one roof. This has to be a consideration when choosing where to go on Black Friday.

What do you think about when you go black Friday shopping? What do you consider most important when choosing your primary shopping location? Share with us in the comments below!