Finding Neverland Coming to Portland At The Keller Auditorium #PDX #BroadwayInPortland

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland Coming to Portland At The Keller Auditorium Time to get excited everyone! Another awesome production is headed for Keller Auditorium from January 3-8 and you need to grab your tickets while you can. The wonderful story Finding Neverland is right around the corner! For those that … [Read more...]

Cirque Dreams Holidaze Is a Must For Portland Family Fun

Cirque Dreams Holidaze

Cirque Dreams Holidaze Coming To Portland Dec. 22-24 Christmas fun is just around the corner and I have a very exciting announcement to share. The holiday showcase and spectacular Cirque Dreams Holidaze is coming to Portland's Arlene Schnitzer Hall for three shows during the dates December … [Read more...]

Dreft Lets Your Kids Be Kids and Get Messy! $50 Gift Card Giveaway! #MessiestBabyContest #ad


Childhood is such a fleeting moment, so let them get messy, and get it on camera, then clean it up with Dreft!!! We love and embrace the mess! In fact, we have an annual "Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts" party as a last hurrah just before back to school. We invite all kids in the neighborhood from … [Read more...]

Fun Fall Activities for Adults – #fall #adult


Fun Fall Activities for Adults There are a ton of things we adults can do during the fall season. This is a time when things seem to slow down a bit and the weather calms. The cooler air gives us that little burst of energy we were missing during the dog days of summer. It also means a ton of new … [Read more...]

It’s Almost Here – Disney On Ice Is Coming To Portland October 20-23 #DisneyOnIce

Disney on Ice

I am so excited for this Disney event coming to Portland! Nothing is more magical than a Disney event no matter what and this Disney On Ice show is no exception. Every year we have gone and truly amazed. Whether you are 1 or 100 you will be entertained from the moment they hit the ice to the final … [Read more...]

Fall Festivals – How To Win Those Games

Fall Festivals

Fall Festivals - Five Fun Tips to Finally Beat Those Games We have all been there. You are walking along, minding your own business when suddenly you catch sight of the most adorable plush, pink unicorn you have ever seen. Instantly, your heart is smitten and you amble over to the game to see … [Read more...]

Disney On Ice Is Coming To Portland October 20-23 #DisneyOnIce

Disney on ice

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment, features beloved characters from The Little Mermaid, Frozen and Disney•Pixar’s Cars and Toy Story 3Life-size Disney•Pixar’s Cars characters – Lightning McQueen, TowMater and the crew – take their high-octane personalities and amusing … [Read more...]

Fall Activities For Tweens

Fall activities for tweens

Fun Fall Activities for Tweens   Finding fun things to do for your tween can be a real challenge. They are old enough to no longer want the preschool fun but still young enough to secretly enjoy it. Some tweens play it cool and want to only do things the older kids might do while others lean … [Read more...]

Fun Fall Activitiy Ideas for Preschoolers

activity ideas for preschoolers

Fun Fall Activity Ideas for Preschoolers The fall season is a wonderful time to get out and about and have a bit of fun with your preschool aged kids. The season almost seems to be made for them! There are so many things to do and learn that one could write an entire book on the subject. While we … [Read more...]

FREE Fun Weekend Activities – 9/9


  If you are looking for some fun on a budget, we have compiled a list of national retailers with hands-on workshops, classes and free in-store events for this weekend and we list more that are coming soon. Share this fun, money-saving list with your friends and family. If you know of any … [Read more...]