How to Prep Your Home for Cold Weather

How to Prep Your Home for Cold Weather


Now that fall is right around the corner and the winter season won’t be far behind, it is time to start preparing your home for colder weather. Prepping for winter is something that often gets overlooked and it can be costly. Inefficient heating, higher energy bills and personal discomfort are only a handful of the problems that can arise from ignoring your winter prep work. Here are some important steps you need to take right now to get your home ready for the cooler months to come:


Give your heating system a check up

Winter prep begins by making sure your furnace or heating system is running properly and efficiently. An inefficient furnace will cost you big time and make your winter very difficult. Staying warm is priority one, right? Double check all of your filters and replace them monthly during the cooler months to ensure a smooth running heating system. If your heating system is not running properly, consider upgrading to a nicer model. It will cost you up front, but ultimately will save you cash in heating costs.


Insulate your pipes

Frozen pipes can be a nightmare during the cold winter season and avoiding it is actually rather easy. Head to the local hardware store and pick up some pipe insulation. Trim it so that it fits your pipes and tape it in place.


Clean out those gutters

During the winter season, water will freeze. If your gutters are loaded up with gunk, leaf litter and other trash then the water will pool up. When that water freezes, your gutters will be holding a ton of weight and could potentially create some serious hazards. Keep them as clean as possible throughout the fall season in anticipation of the coming winter season and you will be ahead of the curve.


Drain and prepare your air conditioners

Make sure no standing water is in the lines or the equipment and that it is shut down for the winter. Also make sure there are no openings around the equipment for cool air to get in and that vents are shut off in window units. Some folks actually take out window units for a better seal during the winter.


Consider upgrading your windows

Getting winter efficient windows can dramatically affect your energy cost, but it is an expense. If you don’t have the cash to upgrade, at least go through and seal up your windows properly. Fill in cracks and make sure there are no openings allowing drafts to come in. Do the same with all door around your home. Putting a draft blocker under doors can pay dividends as well.


Add some insulation

Insulation is one of the most powerful ways to increase your efficiency and it is also remarkably easy. Insulate the attic, the basement and pretty much anywhere that you want to increase the warmth and comfort in your home.