Finding Neverland Coming to Portland At The Keller Auditorium #PDX #BroadwayInPortland

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland Coming to Portland At The Keller Auditorium Time to get excited everyone! Another awesome production is headed for Keller Auditorium from January 3-8 and you need to grab your tickets while you can. The wonderful story Finding Neverland is right around the corner! For those that … [Read more...]

NEWIES Was The Best Broadway Show I Have Seen So Far!!!! #BroadwayinPortland


Oh boy, where to I begin... first off let me say my sister and I are seriously considering coming back to see NEWSIES again before they move on to their next destination...... THAT'S HOW GOOD THIS PRODUCTION IS!!!!! Let's just lay it out there.. NEWSIES has an amazing story line, catchy … [Read more...]

42nd Street – Catch The Thrilling Broadway Show in PDX This Weekend #42ndstreetpdx


Come be dazzled and wowed with the sheer excitement and energy 42nd Street brings. This was my first experience with 42nd Street, yet I was surprised I was so  familiar with much of the music. "We're in the money" and "I only have eye's for you" were amazing. I had an extremely … [Read more...]

Pippin – A Broadway Review That Will Thrill!

pippin performance

Pippinis back for the first time since it thrilled audiences 40 years ago. This was my very first time being introduced to the Broadway performance of Pippin. I must say, I was so impressed with the talent and entertainment that was packed into these 3 hours. "Experience the … [Read more...]